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Two new window ventilators - profine expands its range -

The controlled exchange of air for a healthy living environment and the prevention of mold is still one of the central topics in the construction sector.

In order to ensure the best possible balance between heating-energy savings and fresh air supply, profine offers a wide range of window rebate ventilator units which are specifically tailored to the respective window systems.

In addition to REGEL-air®, for the System 76 double seal and for the System 88 centre seal, and to the ClimaTec 76 for the System 76 centre seal version, profine has currently expanded its range of ventilator modules: ClimaTec Plus and ClimaTec 88.

ClimaTec Plus

The new window rebate ventilator ClimaTec Plus offers absolute flexibility in the System 76 double and centre seal version as well as in the System 88 centre seal range.

ClimaTec Plus is a patented new generation ventilator. Its innovative and maintenance-free flow control technology provides control valves for self-regulating, sensitive and particularly precise air flow regulation. The positioning of the ClimaTec Plus is independent of the fitting and thanks to its latching technology ensures quick and easy installation in the window rebate.

ClimaTec 88

The passive ventilation element ClimaTec 88 is now available especially for our high-insulating System 88 centre seal. The positioning of the ventilator is via a milled opening in the steel chamber. A tailor-made solution for the premium series with 88 mm installation depth!

“The new ventilators are the further development of our solutions proven in practice millions of times. Already in the 1990s, we had taken on the living climate issue and since then our ventilation systems have constantly adapted to the requirements of the market or even anticipated them," says Stefan Schäfer, profine's Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

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