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profine GmbH introduces new electric sideloader fleet – sustainability in focus

profine GmbH recently launched its new electric sideloader fleet at its Pirmasens site. The presentation took place during a small ceremony attended by the partner companies involved in the project. The transition to electrically powered sideloaders underlines the company's commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices.

Twenty-five diesel-powered machines were replaced by twenty-five electric sideloaders from the Bulmor brand. These are used for the internal transport and handling of the long profile cassettes. All sideloaders belong to the same series and have a load capacity of 6 tons. This not only ensures flexibility in operation but also maintains a consistent appearance and efficient working conditions for all operators.

Sustainable decision

The decision to adopt an electric sideloader fleet was guided by various considerations. In the ecological aspect, the company aims to reduce CO2 emissions, minimize the ecological footprint, and decrease the number of spare parts transports by using the same model.

Göksel Bozaga, Head of Logistics at profine, commented during the official inauguration, "The introduction of our new electric sideloader fleet is a significant step for us as a company in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. We are proud to reduce our ecological footprint while improving working conditions for our employees. This investment is a clear commitment to sustainable and future-oriented logistics."

Bozaga puts the former fleet consumption at over 600,000 liters of diesel, and he assesses the CO2 savings at more than 700 tons per year. Additionally, there are economic benefits through savings in energy and service costs. A sustainable intra-company transport also contributes to increasing competitiveness.

Occupational health and safety

Another focus of the decision lies in social aspects i.e. occupational health and safety. The shift to electric sideloaders significantly reduces noise pollution for the workforce and operators. Moreover, there are no odors and emissions from combustion engines, leading to a significant improvement in working conditions and cleanliness in the facility.

Alexander Franke, CSCO of profine Group, summarized: "The complete transition to an electric sideloader fleet at the site is a milestone for our company. This step not only has positive effects on the environment but also brings economic advantages. The electrified sideloaders enable lower operating costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and performance of our logistics. By deploying this state-of-the-art fleet, we make another statement towards a fully sustainable supply chain."

Competent partners and future-oriented signal

The new sideloaders have a platform width of 1,200 millimeters, pneumatic tires, 3-point seat belts for increased safety, as well as modern crash sensors and an electronic access concept. In 2022, two prototypes of the new electric machines were tested by profine employees, and the feedback was extremely positive.

Thomas Jakowiak, CEO of Bulmor, is delighted about the collaboration: "We are pleased that profine has chosen Bulmor products for their new sustainable sideloader fleet. Our new generation of sideloaders proves that strength, efficiency, and ecological demands are not contradictory. The e-powered series provides strong load capacity without burdening the environment and driver teams. Additionally, the fleet management system `mybulmor` contributes to the optimal performance of the sideloaders."

The Gruma corporate group, responsible for the business relationship, played a crucial role in selecting the right solution for use at the profine plant. Stefan Fröhlich, Head of Sales for special vehicles at Gruma, commented: "We have rented the first fleet to profine in Berlin already in 2011. For many years, we have been the full-liner contact for material handling equipment and intralogistics solutions and have delivered many devices for German and international locations in recent years. Implementing this challenging and so far unique project of transitioning to an electric sideloader fleet in Pirmasens with our partners Bulmor and Hoppecke was very ambitious. We appreciate the trust and look forward to further collaboration."

The batteries and chargers are provided by the company Hoppecke. A total of 62 trak | uplift air batteries, with integrated electrolyte circulation and a capacity of 80 V and 1,240 Ah, and 49 trak | charger HF chargers were installed.

The joint collaboration and decision for electric propulsion also receives approval and joy from Tim Kappe, Head of Sales Motive Power in the European DACH region: "The transition from diesel to electric propulsion is a crucial step towards sustainable logistics. We are very pleased that profine is taking this path together with Hoppecke and our trak | uplift air batteries and chargers. Thanks to this solution, not only can CO2 emissions be reduced, but also operational and energy costs can be significantly lowered. In short, a sustainable progress that brings both ecological and economic benefits."

Click here to go to the websites of BULMOR, GRUMA and HOPPECKE.

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