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Safe protection against forced entry with PVC-U windows

Safe protection against forced entry with PVC-U windows

The number of burglaries is constantly on the rise. Protect your home with a range of security installations for PVC-U windows.

For some years now, burglaries have been on a constant rise, on average every three and a half minutes. Normally, burglars need only a few minutes to enter a house: primarily through windows, balcony doors, or terrace doors. It is possible to stop them right here – with ultra modern security installations on PVC-U windows. Here, you need to take the matter into your own hands. No study of causes into rising burglaries like e.g. drug related crimes or too few police offers any protection over the long term.

Special glazing, burglar resistant PVC-U frames and hardware, and additional locks or grilles are the properties of secure windows and doors. Choose from one of the resistance classes RC 1 to RC 6. The past has confirmed, however, that RC 1 and RC 2 are adequate.

Nevertheless, also how you proceed with respect to your own safety takes centre stage. Heed the following tips to make it hard for burglars. Make sure that you always close all doors and windows as soon as you leave your home. These must be closed completely. Tilted windows, even on the upper floors, can easily be used to enter your home when they are reached e.g. with ladders and garden furniture.

Every house has its weak points, but individual advice from your qualified specialised window maker will clarify them.