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Fresh air with modern PVC-U windows

Fresh air with modern PVC-U windows

What goes into a healthy indoor climate? Fresh air, good light, pleasant air humidity, and an optimal room temperature are crucial.

In our own home, we should feel good, relax, and recharge our batteries. This has a crucial effect on our general well being and our physical and mental performance. Yet the balance of this indoor climate is often disrupted: The air is too warm, too cold, too dry, or too moist. The outcome is a greater risk of mould. The blame can be put down to poor ventilation and heating behaviour.

The perfect balance between savings in heating energy and fresh air supply – and hence a healthy indoor climate – can be struck with modern windows and integrated or separate ventilation systems – tuned precisely to the structural properties of your home. These let you counteract the risk of mould. If there are no structural deficiencies or damage from moisture, the spores in the air cannot settle in moist places. The right room temperature and an appropriate supply of fresh air are therefore enough to reduce the residual air humidity. You yourself can affect this by ventilating often and above all properly, or simply by relying on the luxury of modern ventilation installations.

Ask your specialised window maker. He will be pleased to advise you on the right, cost effective solution for ventilating your home, depending on the building fabric, insulation, and other factors. So that you can feel good in your own home.