88 mm systems TROCAL 88 PVC-U residential door – The most advanced door programme

The TROCAL 88 PVC-U residential door system lends your home an elegant and individual character. Enjoy greater security against forced entry, the greater convenience of full accessibility, and the high thermal insulation afforded by the threshold with thermal break.

The TROCAL 88 residential door system of PVC-U features an ultra modern six chamber design with an installation depth of 88 mm. It offers you top engineering performance in every respect. Your high tech door is your warranty of high security, outstanding thermal insulation, reliable tightness, and impressive static properties.

Thanks to the maximised steel reinforcement size inside the PVC-U profiles, this TROCAL residential door can be fitted with the following max sash sizes:

Residential door, single sash: max 1200 x 2400 mm
Residential door floating mullion sash: max 1000 x 2400 mm

You can then lend your residential door that quite individual image, reflecting both its functionality, e.g. custom security configurations, and its colour scheme. Enjoy the widest possible range of laminate colours: Various wood grains, plain colours, or metallic colours. You also have free rein in the design of your door panelling. A wide range of functional or ornamental glazing, panes with LED effect lighting, motif glazing, or even residential door panelling with additions can be fitted up to a glass thickness of 58 mm.

The outward opening variant of the TROCAL 88 residential door system offers the optimal solution for escape routes in commercial buildings and confined entrances in the private sector.

All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead free stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.

  • TROCAL 88 residential door standard.
  • Innovative PVC-U residential door system with 88 mm installation depth.
  • Pioneering 6-chamber design with maximal sized steel reinforcement and welded corner connector for greater static properties.
  • High tightness with weather seal to full accessibility residential door threshold with thermal break.
  • High thermal insulation and impressive protection against forced entry.
  • Aluminium weather bar and rebate pad set for additional protection against driving rain.
  • Threshold connector for precision fit and sealing to residential door threshold.
  • Deep glazing rebate for modern triple glazing, special functional glazing, or residential door panelling up to 58 mm thick.
  • Max sash sizes: Residential door, single sash 1200 x 2400 mm, Residential door, floating mullion sash 1000 x 2400 mm.