About us The TROCAL brand

TROCAL is regarded as a pioneer in the windows sector. More than fifty years ago, TROCAL developed the first PVC-U window for series production. Since then, TROCAL has been maintaining its renown as a leading innovator in window technology.

New, elegant designs and new technologies are the TROCAL hallmarks that are forever setting standards. The cutting edge that TROCAL has gained from its knowhow and technology is reflected in all generations – no matter whether window, residential door, or sliding door systems. In addition to outstanding specifications and optimised thermal and sound insulating properties, the various milestones also combine facilities for large windowed areas and a timelessly elegant design. TROCAL PVC-U windows fulfil both today and in future the requirements of high quality architecture.

The TROCAL Team is a community of co-workers whose primary target is to direct all their activities towards generating sustained benefits for partners and customers. Our perfected corporate identity integrates the partner companies in this community as "members of the TROCAL Team”.

The characteristic features of TROCAL:

  • TROCAL is unique – as a team of specialists capable of innovative thought and exceptional performance.
  • TROCAL is flexible – we are fast and oriented to targets and customers.
  • TROCAL is approachable – we foster an open, fair relationship with our staff, customers, and the public.
  • TROCAL is innovative – it has always been our tradition to develop products and services with future potential for each of the markets.


profine GmbH
Motzener Straße 31 - 33
D-12277 Berlin
Tel +49 30 86873-0
Fax +49 30 86873-386

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TROCAL – A pioneer sets standards (English)
The TROCAL brand introduces itself – its philosophy, its portfolio, and its history.
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TROCAL – InnoVisions - 50 yearsTROCAL
TROCAL – InnoVisions - 50 yearsTROCAL
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