88 mm systems TROCAL 88+ PVC-U residential door system – passive house according to Dr. Feist

Today, extreme thermal insulation and the associated savings in heating costs are enjoying growing importance. So the claims and the demand for passive houses is growing strongly too. 
The PVC-U residential door system TROCAL 88+ fulfils the passive house requirements as set down by Institut Dr. Feist. The Dr. Feist passive house guideline was published in 1992. Dr. Feist calculates the Uf value, or the thermal insulation value for the window frame, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2. This is used to derive the so called Uw value, the all important heat transfer coefficient for the entire window. This must not exceed 0.8 W(m²K) if the system is to be awarded the certificate for passive house suitability. 

Accordingly, the TROCAL 88+ passive house residential door system of PVC-U exhibits excellent insulating properties, or a UD value of 0.74 W(m2K). TROCAL places very great value not only on a perfected product technology, but also on an immaculate visual appeal. The characteristic feature of the system is intersash door panelling that forms a bond transmitting forces between the residential door sash and the residential door panelling.

Choose your personal favourites from our wide range of laminate colours for TROCAL DecoStyle, and design your residential door to your own individual tastes. 

Our greenline principle: energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide that extra sustainability.

  • TROCAL 88+ PVC-U residential door system with 88 mm installation depth.
  • Passive house certified by Institut Dr. Wolfgang Feist – UD value of 0.74 W/(m²K).
  • Intersash design with our exclusive partner Rodenberg.
  • Passive house residential door certified by Dr. Feist also available in colour – design your windows with TROCAL DecoStyle laminates – structured and smooth surfaces in wood grain or plain colours.
  • Stability in the form of perfectly designed reinforcement profiles and welded nonpositive corner connections.
  • Optimal security – additional hinge side lock for protection against forced entry.
  • The particularly deep lock offset (“backset”) up to 55 mm is ideal for a wide range of handle fittings.
  • Barrier free building under DIN 18025.
  • Unlimited design potential thanks to TROCAL DecoStyle in wood grain and modern colours.