88 mm systems TROCAL 88+ standard – The measure of all things

Size is not a value per se, but it can provide what is needed for a unique advance in quality and performance – as with TROCAL 88+, the optimal system for windows and residential doors of PVC-U. The perfect installation depth of 88 mm is geared to the design requirements of modern architects and the ideas of aesthetically aware developers. TROCAL 88+ is the measure of all things for high technical requirements applying to PVC-U windows.

The design of the chambers inside the PVC-U window profile optimise their thermal insulation properties. Even the standard version exhibits a heat transfer coefficient Uf of 1.0 W/(m²K). This value represents the quantity of heat energy that is lost from the inside to the outside – so the smaller, the better. 
You can then enjoy much greater cosiness in your own home, and cut heating costs to boot. 
When fitted with triple or special functional glazing, your windows exhibit the best sound insulation. And outstanding protection against forced entry with the optional addition of security hardware. 

Our greenline principle: energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide that extra sustainability.

  • TROCAL 88+ standard with 88 mm installation depth.
  • Experience technology and design at the highest level.
  • Save heating costs with optimal thermal insulation – Uf value = 1.0 W(m²K).
  • The slender sight lines of the PVC-U window profiles present large glazed areas and hence the greatest possible passage of light.
  • Outstanding protection against forced entry thanks to security hardware.
  • Maximum sound insulation thanks to the wide 24–54 mm glazing range for triple and special functional panes.
  • Little cleaning work, virtually maintenance-free PVC-U windows.
  • Huge design potential with TROCAL DecoStyle laminates – structured and smooth surfaces.