88 mm systems TROCAL 88+ passive house complying with ift guideline WA-15/2

Energy saving designs are growing in importance, today, the passive house is considered objectively to be the most energy efficient form of building: Every year, it consumes no more than 15 kWh of heating energy per square metre of living space, corresponding to 1.5 litres of fuel oil.

Exceptional demands for extreme thermal insulation have had a strong influence on the design of window profiles, especially for passive houses. With the latest window technology, modern design, and sophisticated construction, diverging requirements have been brought in line with each other.

TROCAL designers have succeeded in developing PVC-U windows in a modern design that achieve the passive house requirements in the ift guideline WA-15/2. In line with the requirements under DIN EN ISO 10077-2, the window technologies institute ift in Rosenheim calculates the thermal insulation value for the PVC-U window frame. The condition here is a value Uf less than 0.96 W/(m²K). Ultimately, though, it is not solely the Uf value that decides the passive house suitability of a window, but also the Uw value, i.e. the thermal insulation values for the whole window. This must be ≤ 0.8 W/(m²K).  

Rating PVC-U windows, outside doors, and facades according to this guideline means that these structural elements are ideal for use in a passive house. Thanks to the intelligent insulation technology proEnergyTec in the frame and the large installation depth even for very slender profile sight lines, the PVC-U window system TROCAL 88+ fulfils precisely these requirements in the ift guideline WA-15/2. 

Advantage for architects: an elegant look, ideal proportions, and efficient solar energy gains – and that not only in White PVC, but in colour as well! Windows for passive houses cannot be built to greater beauty or perfection.

Our greenline principle: energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide that extra sustainability.

  • PVC-U window system with 88 mm installation depth.
  • TROCAL 88+ passive house suitability complying with ift guideline WA-15/2.
  • Thermal insulation requirements fulfilled – Uf < 0.96 W/(m²K) and Uw ≤ 0.8 W/(m²K).
  • Thermal insulation technology proEnergyTec – steel chamber in the PVC-U window frame filled with eco friendly foam.
  • Optimal sound insulation and protection against forced entry.
  • Passive house suitability according to ift guideline WA-15/2 also available in colour – design your windows with TROCAL DecoStyle laminates – structured and smooth surfaces in wood grain or plain colours.