88 mm systems TROCAL 88+ Dr. Feist passive house window in a modern design

The passive house is considered to be the most energy efficient form of building. In general, it declares that it needs no more than 15 kWh of heating energy per year and square metre of living space. All manufacturers associated with the building of a passive house must fulfil certain limits and also verify this: their products must be certified as “passive house compatible components”.
Here, a key role is assigned to the windows, which are scrutinised all the more closely for their thermal insulation values. Not only the technology inside the PVC-U window profile, also the look presented by the whole window is designed in line with modern expectations. 

The window system TROCAL 88+ fulfils the passive house requirements as set down by Institut Dr. Feist. The Dr. Feist passive house guideline was published in 1992. Like the window technologies institute ift and its guideline WA-15/2, also Dr. Feist calculates the thermal insulation value for the PVC-U window frame in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2. The difference between these two passive house institutes lies in the software they use for their calculations and whether it analyses the whole building or only the windows. 
The following may be concluded: Dr. Feist requires a maximum heat transfer coefficient for the whole window, the so called Uw value, of 0.8 W(m²K) if the system is to be awarded the certificate for passive house suitability. 

With the aid of inserted thermal insulation polystyrene parts, the PVC-U window system TROCAL 88+ fulfils the Dr. Feist passive house requirements with a Uf value of 0.79 W/(m²K) and a Uw value ≤ 0.80 W/(m²K). Also this window system can be separated into its individual materials for complete recyclability.

Our greenline principle: energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide that extra sustainability.

  • TROCAL 88+ passive house with 88 mm installation depth.
  • Passive house according to Dr. Feist with Uf = 0.79 W/(m²K) and Uw ≤ 0.80 W/(m²K).
  • Thermal insulation glazing 4 – 16 – 4 – 16 – 4 (44 mm) with argon and a Ug value of 0.7 W/(m²K).
  • Particular spacers must be inserted – Swisspacer V – Yg value = 0.029 W/(mK).
  • Complete recyclability of materials separated in the inserted polystyrene thermal insulation parts.
  • Two insulators each in the sash and frame profile, and one in the glazing bead.
  • TROCAL 88+ passive house certified by Dr. Feist possible only in White PVC.