88 mm systems TROCAL 88+ AirMatic – Air supply, systematically

There are a large number of cases where the conventional ventilation methods are inadequate, e.g. when somebody is home only rarely. This also applies to weekend and holiday homes. Here the TROCAL 88+ AirMatic ventilation system provides for fresh air – also without active ventilation. The TROCAL 88+ AirMatic is the perfect solution for obtaining a healthy indoor climate at all times, even when the windows are closed. It is also ideal as a retrofit.

The TROCAL 88+ AirMatic ventilation element with self-regulating air flow ensures that the passage of outdoor and indoor air is adequately metered for constant basic ventilation even when the windows are closed. And this without draughts and without appreciable energy losses. TROCAL 88+ AirMatic, installed in the upper, inside section of the window system, is virtually invisible and therefore a tidy solution on all sides. When the wind pressure increases on the outside, the flaps close automatically, sealing the window. The system is also suitable for retrofitting in existing windows.

Our greenline principle: energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide that extra sustainability.

  • TROCAL 88+ AirMatic – ventilation system for PVC-U windows.
  • A healthy indoor climate even behind closed windows.
  • The ventilation system operates as a self-regulating unit.
  • The air is supplied in healthy doses, without draughts or energy losses.
  • Installed inside in the top part of the window system.
  • Virtually invisible and easy to clean.
  • No space problems with locking plates or stay arm assembly.