Lift/sliding systems TROCAL PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip – More light, more comfort, more outlook

This special PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip variant leaves no wish unfulfilled. On the outside of the TROCAL lift/sliding door system, the PVC-U profiles are combined with an aluminium cover. The extravagant colour schemes available for these aluminium covers lend the whole door a completely special character. Besides the standardised RAL colours in matt or high gloss, also various other technologies are available like anodised coatings, NCS designs, and special colours.

“Lux” means that the intelligent structure presents a reduced PVC-U profile at the fixed glazing. The beneficial outcome: profile sight lines even leaner than in the standard version, and above all greater passage of light and solar energy gains through a larger glazed area. More light, more comfort, more outlook – Bring the outside world into your living environment thanks to the huge glazed areas.

Treat yourself to this luxury lift/sliding door that presents a convincing array of technical highlights: A small installation depth of 76 mm, a five chamber structure inside the PVC-U profile, and an extraordinarily slender sight line of only 40 mm in the fixed sash speak for themselves, and it has been designed for both new buildings and renovations.

Even the standard version helps you to cut costs by offering a thermal insulation value of Uf = 1.3 W/(m²K) that is unusual for lift/sliding doors – achieved with an innovative sealing system design. This in turn is accompanied by huge panes: Thanks to glazing up to 50 mm thick, your lift/sliding system can be up to 6 m wide and 2.40 m high. Greater passage of light means greater style and satisfaction – and synergies on the cost effective level.

Besides the unbeatable visual appeal and the high tech properties, the benefits may not ignore great ease of handling. Our system does not need muscle or noise to handle the sliding door. Foot traps and barriers are things of the past – and greatly enhance your everyday convenience, and yours only. In line with your specific safety needs, our PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip can be expanded up to RC 2, deterring burglars before they can even start.

Our greenline principle: Energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide for that extra sustainability.

  • PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip – Innovative lift/sliding door system with 76 mm installation depth.
  • More light, more comfort, more outlook.
  • Five chamber design.
  • Reduced sash profile at the fixed glazing.
  • Larger glazed area – higher solar energy gains.
  • Thermal insulation value Uf = 1.3 W/(m²K) in the standard design.
  • Glazing possible up to 50 mm.
  • On the outside, elegant aluminium design for virtually unlimited colour potential; on the inside, white PVC-U.
  • Sustainability enjoys equal importance.